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At Last!
A mobile phone repair expert you can trust!

you have value and peace of mind built-in!

I’ve been fixing and refurbishing PCs and mobile phones for well over 30 years. My expertise and knowledge is second to none.

In launching iHome Mobile Phone Repairs, I decided I would concentrate on repairing mobile phones from the leading manufacturers; Apple, Samsung, Sony, Huawei etc.

Recently, I’ve noticed the public’s growing dissatisfaction with traditional mobile phone repair shops – the overall poor standard of repairs and customer service – including their short guarantee periods. Also, I’ve noticed a growing concern that the repair shops may be cutting corners, snooping at customers’ private pictures, messages and data!

You won’t have these concerns with me at iHome Mobile Phone Repairs.

All repair shops claim to have the best technicians and use the highest quality parts.
However, if you want to find out how good they really are, just look at the length of their warranty!

Problem solved!

We launched iHome to solve these concerns for you.

We undertake your repair in front of you – not behind a screen or in a back shop. You can watch us undertake your repair and that we don’t cut corners or mistreat your phone, plus, your data is totally secure, we can’t steal it, or snoop through your pictures, contacts or messages!

Your friendly expert iHome technician will handle your inquiry and repair from start to finish. This ensures the optimum quality of service is delivered to you every time.

After Care…
Peace of mind built-in

We want to provide you with industry-leading aftercare and peace of mind. Knowing your phone will be expertly repaired using the best quality components is just the start. We’re so confident in our repairs we offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all our repairs and a full one year warranty on all battery repairs. Please see our Warranties page for more information.

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