Mobile Phone Unlocking


Be very careful when dealing with phone unlocks. Most unlocking services are SCAMS and should be avoided!
Please continue reading for details of each type of unlocking and their pitfalls…

There are three types of mobile phone unlocking;


Network carrier


Passcode Unlocks

This is the 4 or 6 digit code, or pattern on Android devices, you enter to open your phone.

If you’ve forgotten your passcode, or it has been changed recently and you can’t get access to your phone, a passcode unlock is what you require.

Your data must be backed up before commencing with a passcode unlock as all existing data on your phone will be erased.

The cost of our passcode unlocking service is £35.00.

Please call us on 07784 157 276
to book your passcode unlock.

Network Carrier Unlocking (IMEI unlocking)


We do not offer network carrier unlocking as a service!

DON’T EVER pay anyone to undertake a carrier unlock of your phone.
You can easily do it yourself, usually for FREE, by contacting your carrier directly and requesting the unlock!

Network carrier unlocks allow you to use any sim card in your phone anywhere in the world.

They are processed by your existing carrier (EE, O2, 3, Vodafone etc) and it’s the official procedure for unlocking a phone from one particular carrier.

IMEI unlocks are permanent, pose no risk to your data, and do not affect your phone’s warranty.

If you wish to unlock your phone, your name must be on the original contract with the carrier and the contract must be up to date with no arrears, otherwise, the carrier will refuse to unlock your phone.

iPhones must be at least six months old before any carrier will unlock it.

It can take 2-3 days for the unlock to be processed. You will be sent an unlock code directly to your phone once complete.

Choose the link below that will take you straight to your carrier’s unlock webpage:

EE – EE unlocking
Vodafone – Vodafone unlocking
O2 – O2 unlocking
Three – Three unlocking
Tesco Mobile – Tesco Mobile unlocking
GiffGaff – GiffGaff unlocking
Virgin Mobile – Virgin Mobile unlocking

iCloud/Activation Locks


We do not offer iCloud/activation unlocking as a service!

These services are SCAMS!
Be warned!

DON’T EVER pay anyone to undertake this type of unlocking of your phone.
No one, including Apple, Samsung, Huawei or Sony, can unlock a device. ONLY the original account holder with their account email and password details can unlock it!

iCloud/activation locks are security locks provided by Apple and Samsung in case your phone is either lost or stolen.

Although these locks are excellent for locking down and wiping your phone if it is lost or stolen, they can pose major problems if owners forget their account passwords or sellers forget to unlock their phones from their Apple or Samsung accounts before selling them.

We recommend all owners enable the iCloud/activation lock feature on their phones in case it is ever lost or stolen. The steps for setting your phone up are detailed below.

How to setup activation lock on your phone


If you have an iPhone, we strongly recommend you turn on the ‘Find My iPhone’ app. This automatically enables the activation lock feature rendering your phone useless if it’s lost or stolen until you enter your Apple ID and password. You can find more details by visiting Apple’s Find My iPhone Activation Lock page.

Samsung Galaxies

If you have a Samsung phone, we strongly recommend you turn on the reactivation lock feature. This enables the activation lock feature rendering your phone useless if it’s lost or stolen until you enter your Samsung ID and password. You can find more details by visiting Samsung’s What is reactivation lock? page.

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