Liquid Damage Cleaning

If your phone comes into contact with water or any liquid, turn it off immediately!
Then, book our Liquid Damage Cleaning Service as soon as possible before any long-term damage occurs.

Liquid Damage Cleaning…

A thorough three-stage revival process!

Our Liquid Damage Cleaning service is a comprehensive three-stage process with the aim of reviving your phone if it has come into contact with water or any other form of liquid.

Although the service cannot guarantee to revive your phone, it can be very successful. The sooner you have your phone treated, the higher the success rate. Even with successfully revived phones, liquid damage can have a lasting effect and can continually cause problems with your device in future. Due to this, we do not offer any warranty with this service and the fee is non-refundable.

Stage One: Cleaning

Firstly, drop off your phone to us at our base in East Kilbride along with the cleaning fee.

We then clean your logic board using a specialised cavitational ultrasonic process along with a specialised PCB cleaning chemical to thoroughly remove all liquid remains and corrosion.

Stage Two: Inspection & Diagnosis

After thoroughly cleaning your logic board, we inspect and test it to see if the cleaning process was successful. This cleaning process is usually very successful if you follow the advice above and have your phone treated by us immediately. Probably, only your battery will need replacing.

If the cleaning process was not successful, we’ll inspect your board to see what further repairs are required. This can take a few days to complete.

We’ll also test your phone’s other components to see if they are damaged. Typically, expect your battery and any combination of your earpiece speaker, loudspeaker, headphone jack and charging port/lightning connector to require replacement. Don’t worry, the cost of these components isn’t usually too expensive, plus, our labour costs will be minimal as we already have you phone opened.

We’ll then contact you with a report of the cleaning process, if it was successful, or, if any repairs or replacement parts are required and the total cost. You’ll have the choice whether to proceed with the repairs or have your phone returned.

Stage Three: Repair

If stages one and two are successful, and you decide to go ahead with the repairs, we will undertake all repairs to your logic board and replace all components that require replacement. There may be a few days delay if we don’t have all the components in stock.

Once complete, we’ll thoroughly test your phone before returning it to you and collecting the agreed payment for the additional work.

Unfortunately, our liquid damage cleaning service is exempt from all of our no quibble warranties.

For more info, or to book your liquid damage cleaning, please call

07784 157 276

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